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Promoted tweets can be a highly effective form of social media advertising. This article discusses the top places to buy sponsored Twitter ads. Perfect advice for social media marketers.

Twitter Ads: 9 Great Places To Buy Promoted Tweets

Twitter can be a rich source of high quality traffic when your message is put infront of the right people. However while growing your own Twitter following  takes considerable time and effort to achieve there is a shortcut to getting more Twitter traffic in the form of “promoted tweets”.

Also known as “sponsored tweets”, this is a Twitter advertising method where you pay other people to tweet about your content to their own followers. By carefully selecting the right advertising message and matching it to the right Twitter accounts it’s possible to not only see significant social media traffic flowing to your site but also to get more Twitter followers too.

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Promoted tweets can be a highly effective form of social media advertising. This article discusses the top places to buy sponsored Twitter ads. Perfect advice for social media marketers.

Promoted Tweets Ad Networks

Thanks to the positive results seen by many advertisers, sponsored tweets are in growing demand. In light of this a number of specialist websites have sprung up to facilitate the purchase of paid tweets. In essence they act is the middlemen – attracting Twitter users with large, targeted groups of followers and allowing advertisers like you and me to easily order promoted tweets from a whole range of accounts in one simple interface.

My Likes

sponsored tweets 1

MyLikes claims to be one of the biggest sponsored tweet advertising networks of all with over 500,000 Twitter accounts enrolled and coverage of over 3 billion followers. That means a lot of potential traffic if you select your accounts well.

Besides the sizable impression count, My Likes is also an advertisers dream in that rather than simply paying tweeps to send out your message for a set fee, you pay instead only for the clicks that these Twitter ads actually generate. In this way you can feel confident that you’re only paying for traffic that arrives at your site, making it far more cost effective than some other competing services in this vertical.

Another factor worthy of mention is that as an advertiser you highlight the basic message that you’d like your chosen partners to tweet about, but they decide on the actual content of the message. For some advertisers this lack of brand control may be seen as a negative factor. For others the fact that your promoted tweets will be tailored for each specific audience may be seen a good way to maximize clickthroughs to your website.

Interestingly MyLikes isn’t exclusively a Twitter ad service but can also be used to spread your message on other social media sites like YouTube and Tumbler so this can be a great “all round” solution for any company looking to delve into social media advertising while avoiding many of the common headaches.

Sponsored Tweets

promoted tweets 2

Fancy having your message tweeted out by P Diddy, Lindsay Lohan or Mike Tyson? Sponsored Tweets isn’t just for buying celebrity tweets – but if that’s what you’re looking for it’s one of the very best Twitter ad networks to start with.

Indeed, Sponsored Tweets claims to be the world’s largest Twitter advertising network so can be a rich source of traffic. Like many of their competitors they allow your partners to create the text of the tweet they will send about your website/product though these promoted tweets must be approved by you before sending. In many ways this gives you the best of both worlds – a message tailored specifically to a partners audience but also editorial control for your business to ensure the messages sent out are in line with your goals.

Note that unlike many competitors who allow you to advertise on a per-click basis, Sponsored Tweets simply charges for a text to be sent out to a users’s followers. As a result, results can be a little less predictable and it becomes more important to carefully vet all advertising partners to ensure that their followers are a close match for your marketing message and thus maximize the results you see from your marketing.

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Paid Per Tweet

promoted tweets 3

Paid Per Tweet is another premium sponsored tweet advertising network offering access to not only standard Twitter accounts but also those of a wide range of high-profile celebrities.

As a result of these high quality accounts, Paid Per Tweet claims to have access to 500 million potential Twitter users so represents another reservoir of considerable traffic for your website.

Even better, users of Paid Per Tweet have the option to “verify” their number of Twitter followers so you can feel confident that you are getting what you pay for when you place an order here.

Paid Per Tweet allows two different types of tweets on it’s ad network; namely the option to send a normal tweet with a link to your website or alternatively to send a similar message – but this time with a photo attached for extra attention (known internally as “tweet with media”). Rather like MyLikes, users can once again customize your message to best suit their audience and ensure maximum click-throughs.

Twitter Promoted Tweets

promoted tweets 4

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets feature is rather different to the other networks mentioned in this article. Rather than paying a specific Twitter account to tweet out your message it is instead inserted into the feed of either your direct followers (to maximize visibility among your existing social community) or into the feed of Twitter members who are similar to your existing followers.

The latter option can of course be incredibly useful because Twitter themselves use their own internal algorithms to identify the hottest potential Twitter accounts for your ad and then displays it front and central to these people. The reason that this concept can be so powerful is because rather than your advertisement going out to a certain Twitter user’s followers, your message is exposed to the most focused and targeted leads possible.

Promoted Tweets can therefore be a a highly effective way to not only build a passionate following of people who really care about what you have to say, but also to get your message infront of the hottest audience possible for the highest responses going.


sponsored tweets 5

BuySellAds is at heart a banner advertising network for content websites like blogs, discussion forums and online tools. However alongside these banner options it’s also possible to buy sponsored tweets from many of their publishers.

Interestingly, rather than focusing on personal Twitter accounts like those of well-known celebrities (or normal every-day people), BuySellAds focuses it’s time on website owners as a client base. As a result, many of the hundreds of potential Twitter partners here are based around a specific website – and hence a specific niche.

While at BuySellAds you’ll pay simply to have your message sent out, rather than on a per-click basis for each visitor you receive, the fact that these Twitter accounts are so focused means that you can see excellent results by correctly targeting your Twitter ads.

If, for example, you had launched a new golf website, rather than paying for golfing celebrities to tweet about your message, you could instead find Twitter accounts connected specifically with other related golf sites. By focusing on these types of advertising opportunities you can feel certain that the people who will see your message will likely be highly engaged and very interested in your message.


promoted tweets 6

Revtwt is one of the less well-known promoted tweets services where one can buy tweets either using a pay per click model (costing betwen 10c and 20c per visitor that clicks through to your site) or on a cost per thousand impressions (CPM) basis.

Revtwt put a lot of focus on their “anti click fraud” technology that is designed to ensure that you only pay for quality visitors who click your advert rather than paying for traffic caused by automated software etc. As a result of this the quality of traffic from Revtwt is apparently quite impressive.

An interesting feature of Revtwt is the ability to geotarget your Twitter advertising so that tweets are sent out specifically to try and attract visitors from a specific country if this is important to your business model.

You could, for example, send US visitors to a version of your website that shows your prices in US dollars while Canadian members would see prices in CAN dollars, helping to further improve the results you see from your sponsored tweets.


promoted tweets 7

Pay4Tweet is another smaller ad network but is mentioned here firstly for completeness but also because it is one of the networks that offers “fixed” tweets – that is to say that your partners *must* sound out your promoted tweet exactly as you specify rather than being able to customize it’s content. For those advertisers who want complete control over the content of their sponsored tweets, Pay4Tweet may be well worth looking into.

Buying Sponsored Tweets Privately

As an alternative to the big sponsored tweet advertising networks it’s also possible to buy sponsored Twitter ads directly from other Twitter users.

Several websites are in existience to help facilitate the matching of advertisers and publishers and it’s often possible to save considerable money by going “direct to the source”. That said, in many cases there are greater risks involved; both in terms of the quality of the Twitter accounts you choose to advertise on as well as far less recourse if you’re not happy with your advertising experience.

Additionally it’s worth noting that there are stringent FTC rules surrounded the use of paid tweets, which means it’s necessary for your partners to in some way highlight that the tweet they send out for you is an advertising message rather than a personal endorsement.

All of the major sponsored tweet advertising networks insert these disclaimers by default but if you’re buying tweets privately you may want to ensure when ordering a sponsored tweet that they follow the necessary rules or they could find themselves in hot water with the authorities.


promoted tweets 8

For the uninitiated, Fiverr is a freelance website filled with lists of things that members will do for $5 (hence the name). While the services offered cover a whole range of topics, one of these is paid tweets.

If you go down this route try to examine the rating of any vendor you use in the hope of ensuring that your Twitter ad goes out to a targeted audience and gets genuine clickthroughs – rather than being sent out to an account made up of fake followers.

SEO Clerks

sponsored tweets 9

SEO Clerks in many ways mirrors how Fiverr works but with a key difference here – not all the opportunities listed cost just $5. Indeed while some cost more, others can be even cheaper with some members being willing to send out a promoted tweet for just a couple of dollars.

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Have you ever bought sponsored tweets to get more Twitter followers or drive social media traffic to your website? Please leave a comment below with your experiences…

Promoted tweets can be a highly effective form of social media advertising. This article discusses the top places to buy sponsored Twitter ads. Perfect advice for social media marketers.

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