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SEO Profiler Review: My Favorite Online SEO Tool

These days if you’re going to succeed at search engine optimization you’re going to need tools. Tools to monitor your backlink profile, to check you for over-optimization, to find keywords you can target and to make educated recommendations for better optimizing your onpage factors.

Over the years I’ve used all manner of online SEO tools to try and streamline my search engine optimization. I’ve used more keyword research tools than I care to remember, I’ve tested out all manner of WordPress plugins for onsite optimization and I’ve invested time and money into most of the well-known backlink checkers around.

However around six weeks ago I uncovered a “new” (to me) online SEO tool that ties all the various services a SEO needs into one tidy little online SEO tool. Since I signed up, I’ve been so impressed with it that I’ve found that I’m using my older tools less and less and this new alternative ever more.

Looking for a new SEO tool? Read our extensive SEO Profiler review and see just how easy it can be to build links and get more traffic to your website or blog.

So today I wanted to take you on a guided tour of SEO Profiler because – frankly – their website doesn’t really do the software justice in my opinion.

If you’re trying to grow your search engine traffic but you’re struggling to see the sort of results you seek then SEO Profiler may be just the tool for you. As you’re going to see, it offers a complete suite of tools that will help you maximize your search engine visibility and progressively grow your traffic over time.

SEO Profiler Features

To begin my SEO Profiler review I wanted to present you with a screenshot of the software in action. In essence SEO Profiler as an online SEO tool – you simply log into your members area from any computer and get working on your sites. Hopefully you’ll notice two things from the screen capture; firstly just how clearly laid out the whole user interface is which makes getting started incredibly simple.

seo profiler review - homepage


Secondly you’ll hopefully notice the extensive menu down the left-hand side of the page. Each of these menus has a further sub-menu inside it, giving you just a taster of the vast number of features that SEO Profiler offers to online marketers and business owners.

Due to this vast feature-set, a complete review detailing every single element of the SEO tool would go on for ever. Instead, what I’d like to do is to highlight the key features that I think help to make this far and away one of the most useful online SEO tools currently on the market.

Uncover Rankable Keyword Opportunities

Keyword research can be a complicated process these days, requiring us to consider the context of our website and a range of competitor metrics such as backlinks, domain authority and page authority.

While I am still in love with Longtail Pro for my most important keyword research tasks, SEO Profiler offers two features that will make any blogger or website owners life much easier.

Firstly it’ll constantly analyze your key competitors and report on which keywords they rank for. In other words you’ll be spoon-fed keywords that you yourself can probably rank for if you’re willing to create content around them.

seo profiler review 2 - keyword research

That means that you’ll no longer find yourself stuck for what to write; nor will you spend hours on a blog post only to discover you’ve targeted a keyword phrase with too much competition – and your post now languishes on page 37 of Google 😉

Instead allow SEO Profiler to provide you with keyword suggestions that have been chosen to be rankable by your competitors; in essence let them do all the hard work writing “hit and miss” content while you pick off only the most successful discoveries they make.

The second keyword research element of SEO Profiler that I’m fond of is it’s ability to monitor your rankings and report back when it finds “opportunities”. In essence these are keyword ranking that are close to the top of Google – but don’t yet rank at #1.

By giving these pages of your site a little extra love – such as by updating them, re-optimizing them or building a few additional links to them – you’ll most likely to able to push them up a little higher. And with your ranking increase, the traffic will start to flow.

In other words the tool spots your very best opportunities to grow your search engine traffic with minimal effort. Just consult the report provided each week or two and spend a little time working on those pages that are destined to hit the top spots in Google.

Detailed Onpage SEO Analysis

I’m sure you’ve used a WordPress SEO plugin before; they’re virtually essential these days if you’re going to get the most from your content. But even the most advanced SEO plugins are a “blunt tool”.

No matter what the keyword you’re trying to rank for – or what the competition is doing – they’ll offer you the same advice. Put the keyword phrase in your title tag. Put it in your H1 tags. Add it to your ALT tags. And so on.

However the very fact that this information is most likely being offered up to your competitors too also means that just using a WordPress plugin for onpage SEO cannot be considered satisfactory on it’s own.

The smarter search marketer will look instead to their competition for guidance. By examining the factors displayed by the top ranking pages for a certain keyword phrase – and comparing it your own site – you’ll no doubt uncover all manner of onpage elements which could be better optimized in order to give you the best chance of ranking.

seo profiler review 3 - onpage optimization

And – trust me – having re-optimized a number of key pages of mine that aren’t ranked as well as I’d like – you’d be surprised just how many refinements are possible. Comparing your page with the top ranking sites by hand would be very difficult at all but the most superficial level, but SEO Profiler makes it child’s play.

Just let it create a custom to-do list for your onpage SEO and then follow it along, completing steps as you go, to create a page that has the very highest chance possible of ranking. It’s suddenly like having a blindfold taken off; suddenly rather than making guesses and waiting weeks to see how Google responds to your tests, in a matter of minutes you can instantly optimize any page of your site based on exactly what Google is rewarding in their search results right now.

You’ll know for certain – before you put the optimization effort in – that you’re following a plan that works.

Weekly Link Building Opportunities

Link building isn’t a one-off activity. These days we need to maintain a continuous link building campaign, generating only high quality links gently and consistently. But frankly who has the time each week to go looking for new link building opportunities, then analyze them for quality, before attempting to actually go ahead and build those links.

This is another area where SEO Profiler comes into it’s own, because it will monitor your competitors for you and keep track of the links *they* manage to generate. Each week SEO Profiler serves up a neat list of fresh backlinks pointing to your competitors – all ranked by the value of the link.

seo profiler review 4 - link building opportunities

Even if you only have 10 minutes to spend each week on link building, suddenly the task has been transformed from a trial into simplicity itself. Just consult your own link suggestion report, click over to the highest quality sites on the list and try to figure out if there is any way you too might also get a link from that page.

We’re not taking junk links here. SEO Profiler isn’t about low quality submissions. Quite the reverse infact; I’d argue that SEO Profiler makes it easier to build solid, Google-safe white-hat links than virtually any other tool I’ve come across lately. And this, ladies and gentlemen, makes it worth it’s weight in gold.


As mentioned at the beginning of my review of SEO Profiler, as online SEO tools go it’s so jam-packed with features that one could never hope to cover them all in one small article. If you want to see the full feature list you can always click here.

However in conclusion I hope you can see just how beneficial SEO Profiler can be to your search engine marketing campaigns. By having each of your sites added to the online tool you’ll constantly be offered up a list of keywords worth targeting, link building opportunities and bespoke optimization tips.

I believe that SEO Profiler basically puts all the most critical SEO tools you’ll need into one neat location. In essence it makes your SEO not only easier but also more effective. There’s no hunting around.

It’s now one of the most critical tools to my online ventures (together with Hootsuite, Buffer and a few others). Currently you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and see just how good it really is.

Have you ever used SEO Profiler? What were your experiences? Please leave your experiences in the comments section below…

Looking for a new SEO tool? Read our extensive SEO Profiler review and see just how easy it can be to build links and get more traffic to your website or blog.

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  • I already heard about seoprofiler, but I never used it before.
    Seeking these inside images and data I think that this tool is better than semrush.
    In my case, shows broader details for a website that is pretty new.

  • SEO is a hard, hard world to get into. I’ve just started exploring the beginning of SEO for my blog, and everything is confusing. Backlinks, high authority sites, SERPs…

    But thanks for this recommendation! I’m definitely going to check it out because I’m learning SEO is one of the few things I can’t do myself.

  • Thanks for this review. I’m using Traffic Travis as my SEO Tool of choice, but as with most creative endeavours you can’t use one tool for everything. The analogy of the man with only hammer hoping to become a master carpenter.

    I particularly like the link building functionality of SEOprofiler. I’ve just signed up for the 30day trial so it will be interesting to see how it compares with Traffic Travis.

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