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Important advice for anyone wanting to start a blog or website. Struggling to find the perfect domain name? Fortunately there are a range of free domain name generators which will brainstorm hundreds of possibilities.

Domain Name Generators: 10 Tools For Finding The Perfect Domain

Finding the perfect domain name isn’t easy. Not only does your domain name affect how visitors view your site but in addition they can even have an effect on how you rank in the search engines. When you also consider that domain names are unique – so many of the domains you brainstorm yourself will already be gone – and it’s clear that we could all use a little help now and again.

Fortunately, there are a range of free domain name generators available that will do much of the grunt work for you; not only will they brainstorm vast numbers of potential domains for you (many of which you’d never think of on your own) but many of them will even check the availability of the domains you’ve generated.

The end result is that if you’re struggling to find a decent domain name  then these tools can rapidly help you generate an impressive list of domains to choose from.

Important advice for anyone wanting to start a blog or website. Struggling to find the perfect domain name? Fortunately there are a range of free domain name generators which will brainstorm hundreds of possibilities.

Domain Groovy

domain name generation tools

Domain Groovy allows you to enter a basic keyword phrase that relates to your website and then goes out looking for available domain names that may be of interest. In our test the tool found 85 related domains that were available to register in a matter of moments, with many of the suggestions being very high quality indeed.

Domaine Name Generator

domain name generation tools

At first sight, Domaine Name Generator looks amateurish and of very limited use. After all, in comparison to many of the other domain tools listed here this only serves one function – and one only.

Quite simply rather than taking one or two keywords that you provide then generating related domains this tool simply glues together up to five words that you provide, in different orders, to see which ones are available for registration.

Having said that, the tool actually does this rather well – it’s both quick and efficient so it’s well worth a try though you’ll probably get far more use from some of the more feature-rich domain name generators listed on this page.


domain name generation tools

Domainhole offers possibly the most complete range of tools for finding the perfect domain name including a searchable database of expired domains, a name spinner tool to combine keywords into domains and a brainstorming tool for generating unusual domain ideas.

Try out each of the tools in turn and you’ll quickly generate a substantial list of domains to choose from.


domain name generation tools

Domainr may not make too many domain name suggestions but the suggestions that is does make are not only offered up incredibly quickly but are often unlike the suggestions found anywhere else.

For example, Domainr will look at unique domain extensions rather than the classic .com, .net or .org and will instead see if they can use an extension as the last part of your domain.

As an example, if we searched for a domain containing “labrador supplies” and is gone, Domainr may well look to see if is available as an unusual, brandable alternative.


domain name generation tools

What makes Domainsbot unique is that it doesn’t just search through potential domain names based on a keyword phrase that you enter – it also carries out a search at both Twitter and Facebook in order to see if the suggested names are free of these social sites too.

Consequently if you’re planning to promote your website using social media and would like to keep a consistent brand presence right across the net then using the DomainsBot domain name generator makes it easy to find high quality, keyword-rich names not just for your website but also for Facebook and Twitter.


domain name generation tools

The Dot-o-mater contains a huge database of words that have been carefully divided up into categories such as colors, endings, critters and cash.

Simply enter a keyword phrase that describes the subject of your website, then select a category of words to add to either the beginning or the end. When you click the button, dozens of possible domains are generated which can be quickly checked for availability.

Expired Domains

domain name generation tools

Every day thousands of domain names expire – some people because give up on their website and others because they simply forget. Whatever the reason, previously-used domain names come back onto the market every day and offer two significant benefits.

Firstly expired domains present an opportunity to find a unique domain name that has just come onto the market and secondly some expired domains already have links pointing to them which can help to get your website listed in the search engines faster.

Expired Domains is one of the better sites offering searchable lists of expired domains partly because they offer the ability to search by keyword and partly because they maintain a list of literally hundreds of thousands of possibilities. Additional information such as the age of the domain and it’s PageRank can also be helpful in making decisions about the best domain for you needs.

Lean Domain Search

domain name generation tools

Want to instantly generate 100+ available domain names with a premium .com ending? If so, Lean Domain Search makes the process incredibly easy. Simply enter a search term and browse through the attractively-presented table of available domains found before selecting the ideal name for your website.

Name Tumbler

domain name generation tools

Name Tumbler is arguably the quickest domain name generator of all for generating literally hundreds of potential website addresses. The reason this tool is so powerful is that it includes a huge dictionary of keywords which can be incorporated into your domain name.

Simply enter the keyword you’d like in your domain, choose a category of additional words to add to your primary phrase and whether you want these words added before or after your primary phrase and click the button. You’ll instantly generate hundreds of possible combinations to comb through.

The only real downside to Name Tumbler is that they do not have a built-in domain checking tool. At present you’ll have to copy and paste the domains you like into a separate domain checking tool (like the GoDaddy bulk domain checker) to see which ones are actually available. If you don’t mind this “two step” process then Name Tumbler can arguably generate more domain ideas than any other tool out there.


domain name generation tools

Possibly the most unique domain suggestion tool we’ve managed to uncover is Namespawner. In contrast to many competing tools, this particular one doesn’t provide any opportunities for entering keyword searches. As a result it is more useful for finding “branded” domains rather than keyword-specific domains.

However the work is does is impressive; it quickly finds all manner of “cool sounding” domains which can be used for unique products, services or websites.

Simply select the type of domain you’d like (we found the Web 2.0 suggestions strongest) and then click the button to generate a possible name.

You can keep clicking the button as many times as you like and then simply select the names you like best to automatically check their availability.

W Global Domain Name Generator

domain name generation tools

This free domain name generator tool from online service provider W Global offers a huge amount of flexibility. Options include hyphens, synonyms and even the use of Google for finding related, high-traffic phrases that may make ideal domain names. All suggestions provided by the tool are pre-checked to ensure they are currently available.

Important advice for anyone wanting to start a blog or website. Struggling to find the perfect domain name? Fortunately there are a range of free domain name generators which will brainstorm hundreds of possibilities.

What’s your favorite domain name generator? Please leave a comment below with your experiences…


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