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Can I Rank review - check out this amazing SEO tool and see just how easy it can be to get more website traffic.

Can I Rank Review

As an SEO fanatic I’m always on the lookout for new tools that will make the process easier or more effective.

Over the past few months I’ve tested out most of the well-known SEO tools but none of them have really hit the spot.

The problem, as I see it, is that there are plenty of tools that will provide you with all manner of data, but none that will actually interpret it for you.

As an example, Open Site Explorer will let you investigate your backlinks profile. They’ll also let you compare it to your competitors and create all sorts of colorful backlink profile comparison charts.

What they won’t tell you is why your competitors are ranking higher than you – and provide a plan of attack.

Or what about all the wonderful SEO plugins for WordPress that will proudly give you tips to improve your onpage optimization, yet they won’t look at your competition. After all, without a side-by-side comparison, how will you ever really know that the advice that you’re being given is really accurate?

Frustrated by this problem, I recently spent the best part of a day searching through Google for an answer, signing up for free software trials and taking them for a spin. Now, some weeks later, I can tell you that all the free trials have been cancelled, except for one; that of Can I Rank.

Can I Rank review - check out this amazing SEO tool and see just how easy it can be to get more website traffic.

What’s So Unique About Can I Rank?

Can I Rank is unique because they have developed their own algorithm of ranking websites. What is surprising is that if you took a load of websites and ranked for a specific keyword using both the Google algorithm and the Can I Rank algorithm, the founders of Can I Rank claim they’d be more than 60% the same.

What that means is that Can I Rank arguably has the closest algorithm around to the one that Google is using to rank websites – and with a monthly subscription you can gain access to it.

Simply type in a keyword that you’d like to rank for, and the page of your site that you want to rank, and watch as Can I Rank compares your page to not only the top ten pages in Google, but also to their own unique algorithm, in order to provide a complete action plan for search engine dominance.

The Action Plan

In many ways the action plan that Can I Rank produces for each keyword is the core of the service, and where the real magic happens. First off they’ll give you a current ranking prediction score; and the higher this is, the more likely your site is to rank for the chosen keyword.

Your goal, over time, is to try and get this score as high as possible by following the steps in your action plan. Can I Rank will regularly track your progress and achievements and update your score over time so you can watch your odds of ranking improving.

One of the things that makes Can I Rank so different to other SEO software is the ranking factors which they (and their algorithm) claim are important for ranking. Oh sure, there are many of the classic factors – such as your domain authority, backlink profile and so on. But there are other factors here that I’ve never seen mentioned elsewhere.

Factors that may currently be missing from your existing SEO plan.

For example, does your site have enough topical relevance for the specific keyword you’d like to rank for? If you have a pet site but all the articles you’ve published so far are about dogs, yet suddenly you decide to add a cat article, according to Can I Rank it’s less likely that this page will rank than dog-related keyword phrases for which there is plenty of content – and hence topical relevance – on your site.

Can I Rank won’t just show you how much is enough but it’ll also constantly track your scores against your main competitors so you can slowly watch your site matching or exceeding the scores of your competitors one-by-one and – we hope – overtaking them in the rankings as a result.

Follow The Steps

After providing the tool with your most important keywords and letting it analyze your site for these, your goal is then simple; just follow the steps provided.

For each of the key ranking factors you’ll receive a score in relation to your competitors. Can I Rank prioritizes these scores to show the areas where your site is weakest, then provides detailed advice on what you need to do to improve them.

Each week new suggested tasks are provided to further boost your rankings, so all you need to do is put aside a little time each week to complete your latest task list. Note that these don’t have to be completed weekly; it’s entirely up to you; but that’s what I’ve found works for me.

Somehow this simple task-based system is surprisingly satisfying. Complete a task, mark is as “done” and watch your points go up. The more complicated the tasks completed, the more the points. And over time, as well as watching your achievement points rising, you’ll also be able to se your chances of ranking improving.


Can I Rank is still a new service and having been in contact with the team behind it, it’s clear that there are lots more features to be added over the coming months.

As such, comparing it to other SEO tools may not be entirely fair. I would also, in all honesty, be very difficult simply because their algorithm and ranking factors are so different to those offered by other SEO tools. Basically, you won’t find these anywhere else – so if you want them, you’ll want a Can I Rank subscription.

All sorts of tools will track your backlinks; this is the only one that’ll tell you not just how authoritative your site s but also it’s topical relevances based on your backlink profile.

If you’ve been using other SEO tools and are getting frustrated about your lack of results then Can I Rank is well worth a look. I love the way they use different metrics to all the ther tools – which then help you to look at your sites in a whole new way.

You’ll most likely find – as I did when applying it to an aged site that simply wouldn’t rank – that there are holes in your SEO plan that other tools failed to noice.

Now I have a new plan that I’m putting into action and while it’ll take some months (it’s in a highly competitive niche) I’m excited – and confident – that Can I Rank is the tool to help boost my rankings and provide my site with the traffic that it really deserves.

Have you tried out Can I Rank before? If so, please leave your experiences in the comments section below…

Can I Rank review - check out this amazing SEO tool and see just how easy it can be to get more website traffic.

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  • Hi Richard! I am glad that I stumbled upon your artice as I was testing multiple SEO tools for my web agency and your review convinced me. Working with Can I Rank feels like playing a fun video game by completing goals and so my staff is really happy to use it!

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