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best blogging tips oct 2014

Best Blogging Tips: October 2014 Edition

I had sort of hoped that my online ventures would calm down a little once the summer was over.

However as a someone who has that “entrepreneurial spirit” running through my veins, there’s always another project on the horizon. Now, though, I’m finally starting to reach some balance.

I have articles queued up till Christmas now for most of my more important sites, which should provide me with some breathing room – hopefully to write up a load of the experiments I’ve been running for you.

Just to give you a few examples, I’m currently testing dozens of different Facebook permutations to see what’s really working right now (if anything). I’m trying to rejuvenate unloved pages and get them moving again, just to see what’s really working. So far, the results are pretty good and I’ll be updating you on my findings in the coming weeks.

As I alluded to last month, I’ve also been carrying out a case study using directory submissions for links to see what sort of results it produces. The initial findings should be published here in the next week or two – and there are a few surprises I can assure you!

So while I apologize to regular subscribers for the lack of articles over the last month, I do at least see this changing in the very near future. Infact, I’ve got at least half a dozen articles already started – I just need to time (and peace) to get them finished and uploaded. Trust me – there is some good stuff coming your way soon.

But that’s enough about me for now. The real reason I write these monthly roundup posts is to share the content marketing-related blog posts and articles that I found over the preceding weeks. Read on, then, to discover what really caught my eye during September…

best blogging tips oct 2014

Blogging Tips

16 Steps To Give Your Blog A Fresh Start

How often have you started a blog or a website only for it to slowly fade out over time? We all get busy with other things, right? Or we lose interest. Or we go off in another direction. But what can be done about it?

Here Marko reveals his masterplan for rejuvenating an unloved blog.

How to Overcome the Content Distribution Hurdle: Lessons from Someone Who Had No Idea What They Were Doing

You’ve heard it a hundred times: “build it and they will come”. Never is that less true than when it comes to blogging and content marketing.

For maximum results, most experts agree you should be spending as long promoting each piece of content as you spent writing it.

The question is how to go about this, and here Shannon from Mention reveals how their own strategy for content distribution and amplification has developed and what is working best for them.

Viral Marketing Case Study: How a Brand New Blog Generated 17,584 Visitors In One Day

I couldn’t decide whether or not to include this case study in my round-up.

On the one hand, the results generated through some simple content marketing sound incredibly impressive. However when you dig down to it, the vast majority of the traffic generated was via Stumble Upon.

And we know that not only can this traffic be very fickle but it’s also some of the lowest quality and most pointless traffic I’ve ever experienced.

So much so that one of my posts went viral on there a couple of weeks ago sending thousands of free visitors my way and I did’t even bother to mention it here because it’s such worthless traffic in my experience.

That said, I am a huge fan of Brian’s work and, despite the rather sensationalist title, I think it does provide a useful model for getting good results from blogging and content marketing.

Traffic Generation

11 Traffic Techniques That Are a Waste of Time for Beginners

Ouch, now here’s a blog post that doesn’t take any prisoners. Always reliable , Jon’s shocking article reveals where you should be focusing your energy; and where you’ll likely be wasting your time.

Here Are The 5 Best Content Marketing Tips You’ll Ever Read

Another “best in breed” blog that I uncovered recently is CoSchedule. Infact, I felt so moved by their content that I even tweeted about it recently.

Frankly, I could list pretty much every one of their articles here; they really are that good. However as a really solid foundation to getting started with content marketing and blogging, follow these simple yet oh-so-powerful tips from CoSchedule founder Garrett Moon.

SEO Siloing Guide: How To Do SEO Silos For Niche Sites

The No Hat Digital team may have got their wrists slapped lately for their extensive private blog network but I still rate Hayden and the team as some of the most cutting edge search engine marketers right now. Here they reveal the simple yet effective way they’re boosting their onpage SEO results.

How I Got 100,000 Podcast Downloads in 62 Days (Without An Existing Platform)

Many content marketers and bloggers focus almost all their energy on search engine traffic, perhaps with a little social media thrown in for good measure. Other avenues for spreading our message and driving traffic are all too easy to overlook.

And yet here’s the story of just one person who managed to drive over 100,000 podcast downloads in just a couple of months. Driving that many visitors to a new blog with the search engines is almost impossible; yet here’s someone doing just that through the medium of podcasting.

Maybe we need to start looking for new opportunities outside of SEO…

Social Media Marketing

The Everything Guide to Twitter Cards: How to Choose, Set Up, Measure Them And More

If you’re anything like me then Twitter cards are hardly a priority for you. After all, who cares, right? Surely there are better things to be spending your time on? Actually, Courtney does a fantastic job of revealing the benefits of Twitter cards – so much so that I have started to implement summary cards on a number of my sites.

50 Respected Bloggers Gave Me WRONG Advice On Twitter Marketing

Looking to get more Twitter followers? Aren’t we all! What you may be surprised to hear is how I’ve generated over 500 followers over the summer to a single account I barely use. I only logged in yesterday to discover all the followers I’d built up without realizing it!

That’s probably a story for another day (the method couldn’t be much simpler) but if you’re looking for some no-nonsense advice on getting more Twitter followers for free then you could do a lot worse than Tim’s epic guide.

If you’re doing another roundup post any time in the future Tim I’d love to contribute!

How To Get More Twitter Followers: 24 Effective Tips To Grow Your Following Fast

One of the things that makes Adam’s blog just so great is his “fact-based” content. He manages to push out some truly exhaustive posts that offer huge amounts of value – yet everything he shares is based on real experience and tests. There’s no theory here.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Twitter for marketing your website and building relationships in your niche and here Adam once again lives up to our expectations in sharing his own master plan for building your follower numbers.

Email Marketing

60 Experts Reveal Top 3 Tools To Grow Your Email List

Now that Glen from Viperchill seems to be posting so rarely these days, there’s room for a new “king of the long form content” – and I think the crown may just have to go to Richard for this epic post.

If you’re looking to get into list building and email marketing you’d be well advised to click over to his post when you have some time available so you can give it the attention it deserves. While you’re there, I’d also encourage you to subscribe to his blog; Richard has been consistently putting out some of the best content around over the last few months.

Even if he didn’t invite me to give him my 2 cents in his roundup post – think of me next time Richard! 🙁

How I Increased My Newsletter Opt Ins By 250% In 5 Minutes

I’m starting to experiment more and more with email list building at present. While I maintain a number of lists for authority websites that I own I feel there is an awful lot more I could be doing to gather email addresses and engage with my audience better. No surprises, therefore, that Dave’s little experiment piqued my interest.

Other Notable Mentions

How Many Niche Sites Do You Need To Quit Your Job?

Niche sites may be going through a transition phase right now with changes to how Google responds to both PBN links and brand new domains but they’re far from dead. In this fascinating article Dan Thompson reveals his “accounts” to show how much money his current niche sites are making. By scaling that up and extrapolating the theoretical results he shows rather convincingly how many niche sites you’ll need to become financially free.

Give Your Blogs Graphics a Lift with Visme [Review]

Ms Ileane never produces anything other than top quality content. In this case she introduces us to a new tool that, until now I haven’t heard anything about. I must admit that based purely on her recommendation I actually signed up and have been playing around with Visme for a few weeks now. While I’m not a natural when it comes to graphic design – and I found this tool had a bit of a learning curve – the end results are excellent. Thanks Ileane 🙂

How did September go for you? Where will you be focusing your efforts this month? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts…

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