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Examples of Successful Affiliate Sites

Looking at examples of affiliate sites can be a tremendously effective strategy, both for experienced site builders and for those just starting out.

If you’re currently in the process of planning out your first site then you’ll not only find it easier to “get your eye in” as to what makes authority sites special.

There’s more. Irrespective of your level of experience, looking at examples of affiliate sites can also provide a huge amount of inspiration.

Often, you’ll look at a so-called authority site and think “Wow – I could do that!”. Other times you’ll come away with all sorts of new ideas as to the types of content you could write, how you want your site to look or what navigation structure might work for you.

Lastly, looking at successful examples of authority sites can be a great way to identify potentially profitable niches and topics, or ways to monetize a website that you might not have thought of yet.

In this section we’re going to cover:

  • 4 effective ways to find affiliate websites in any niche
  • Examples of authority sites – including some Amazon affiliate sites

In this article we’ll look at 25+ authority sites and blogs earning money from the Amazon affiliate program, ad networks and more. By the end of it, you’ll be full versed in how to find authority sites, and you’ll have taken a look around a host of sites to start getting a better idea of what you personally like and don’t like.

From here we can take this experience and start the real work of starting your own authority site…

Four Super-Effective Ways to Find Successful Authority Sites

Looking to increase your affiliate marketing income? One of the best possible ways to make money from your blog is to duplicate what other successful bloggers are doing. Here's how...

Finding authority sites is actually reasonably simple, and there are a number of techniques that can be used. Here we’ll look at four of the most effective strategies…

Keyword Searches

As you’ll discover later on in this course, some types of content tend to be far more profitable than others.

Some of the most profitable articles of all are product reviews. The reason is simple: if someone is searching Google for a phrase like “best keyword research tool” then it’s fair to assume that they’re looking to make a purchase – they just don’t know exactly what to buy.

Getting ranked for such a term, with a useful article that compares and contrasts a whole host of tools, linking to each with an affiliate link, has a very good potential of making money. Get a few dozen of these articles ranking and you’ll be surprised just how much revenue you can generate.

Searching for these very specific “buyer” keyword phrases can therefore be a great way to find authority (affiliate) sites. Simply decide on a niche (let’s say “camping” for the sake of argument) then select a few products that will be relevant to this niche. Generally more specific searches tend to be better than more general ones.

So we might choose “best sleeping bag under $100” or “best windproof camping stove” for example.

Next, we slap these into Google and look through the top few pages (~top 30 results).

Using Google to find example affiliate websites

Ignore any listings from “brands” that you recognise. No eBay. No Amazon. Look particularly for the ones that have a focused domain name (website address) what suggests they write about camping or outdoor equipment.

Using just these couple of examples, I was able to stumble across a whole host of sites in a matter of moments.

Feel free to click through to any of the sites quickly uncovered, though feel free to apply the same process to your own niche… Ask yourself what you like about each article? What could be done better? What is making people click over to their affiliate partners?

Hikers on Run

Affiliate site example 1

Found at:

Furious Traveler

Affiliate Site Example 2

Found at:

All Outdoors Guide

Affiliate Site Example 3

Found at:

Outside Pursuits

Affiliate site example 4

Found at:

Clever Hiker

Affiliate site example 5

Found at:

Switchback Travel

Affiliate site example 6

Found at:

Outdoorsman Time

Affiliate site example 7

Found at:

Gear Hall

Affiliate site example 8

Found at:

That’s a healthy number of example authority sites located straight away, wouldn’t you agree? Even better, we know that are ranking for some high-value keyword phrases.

I’d be surprised if they weren’t also ranking for all sorts of other phrases too (and you’ll find out to uncover that data a little later on in this guide).

Multiplying this up with a wider range of products, or using different niches, you should very quickly be able to turn up hundreds of sample sites.

Then you can go digging around them, to see what they’re doing. What do you like? What could be improved on? How are they making money? How are they trying to encourage you to join their newsletter?

Website Brokers

A second option for identifying authority websites is to frequent website brokers sites. These companies act like real estate brokers, helping to connect buyers and sellers, and earning a commission for the service they provide.

In truth, most website brokers don’t reveal the URLs of successful sites. Most provide a general snippet of information on what market they’re in, how they’re making money, their monthly revenue figures and so on.

All the same, this is still valuable information, as you can identify particularly successful niches quite easily. However, there is one broker that does reveal the address of the sites available. Imagine it – you can not only navigate your way to the website itself but you can also see from their listing not just how many visitors they get, but even how much revenue they’re generating.

That website is Flippa.

After a quick browse through the listings I was able to identify a handful of recent site sales that might be worth checking out. These include:

Go Mechanical Keyboard

Affiliate site example 9

Found at:

Outfit Ideas HQ

Affiliate site example 10

Found at:

Best VPN

Affiliate site example 11

Found at:

Enjoy Natural Health

Affiliate site example 12

Found at:

Freelance Websites

The third technique for finding examples of successful affiliate websites comes from looking at job adverts. As already discussed, many authority sites hire freelance writers to help increase the volume of content that they’re publishing. And when they recruit for such positions, many will include their website address.

While there will always be exceptions to the rule, in many cases a site owner is only willing to pay a freelancer to create content if they’re:

(a) already making money from the site, and…

(b) expect to quickly see a return from new content.

In other words, the people hiring freelance writers often have successful authority sites.

There are plenty of freelance writing websites, but for the purposes of this section I want to draw your attention to just one: the Problogger Jobs Board.

Problogger Jobs Board

The cool thing about Problogger is that many companies actually include their website address right there in the listing. You can simply browse through the opportunities on offer, noting both the general topics that we must assume are profitable, but you can also click over the sites that require writers. Boom – you just found a whole load more sites to look over.

A quick browse today reveals the following examples:

Software How

Affiliate site example 13

Found at:

Bargain Moose

Affiliate site example 14

Found at:

99 Boulders

Affiliate site example 15

Found at:

Top Bots

Affiliate site example 16

Found at:

Income Reports

It’s a testament to the world of blogging that a surprising number of site owners regularly produce income reports. These articles outline how many visitors a site gets, the revenue generated and more.

The fourth and final strategy for finding successful authority blogs is therefore to search out as many of these income reports as possible. Doing so gives you “x-ray vision” as to what is working well for a huge range of different authority site owners.

Here are just a few examples to demonstrate the type of information being produced:

Jessica Gavin

Example affiliate site 17

Found at:

Bowl of Delicious

Example affiliate site 18

Found at:

Easy Baby Life

Example affiliate site 19

Found at:


Example affiliate site 20

Found at:

As you can see, identifying authority sites and Amazon affiliate sites doesn’t need to be challenging. You can very quickly find such sites in almost any niche – and once you’ve gathered a handful then it becomes ever easier to see what you’re going to be working towards, and what seems to be working for other site owners.

But hang on just a moment. I promised you examples of successful affiliate websites. So before we round off this article and actually start on the work of getting your site planned out, here are a few more examples of affiliate websites…

Examples of Authority Websites & Amazon Affiliate Websites

Below you will find a tiny sampling of authority-style websites, earning revenue from anything between affiliate links (including the much-loved Amazon affiliate program), ad networks, and even some selling their own products.

Baby Gear Lab

Example affiliate site 21

Found at:

Kids Tablets with Wifi

Example affiliate site 22

Found at:

Inflatable Hot Tub Guide

Example affiliate site 23

Found at:


Example affiliate site 24

Found at:

Health Ambition

Example affiliate site 25

Found at:

Personal Income

Example affiliate site 26

Found at:

By this stage in the course you should have a pretty good idea of exactly what an authority site is. You should understand what sets them apart from other lower-quality types of websites, and perhaps you’re already starting to get some ideas together for your own authority site project. If so – great!

Coming Up Next...
Assuming you’re fired up and ready to get started, let’s grab a pen and paper, and actually start putting some plans in place to build your own site.

We’ll start with the very first practical step that you should consider – choosing your niche.

In the next section we’ll go through a whole load of tips, tricks and strategies for choosing the right niche for your site – so you can start it with confidence knowing you’ve done all the research necessary…

Let’s go >>>

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