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My online career started in 2000.

Arriving at university with my menagerie of exotic pets it wasn’t long before I discovered a range of bulletin boards online for freaks like me.

After tentatively placing a few simple adverts online, and receiving orders within hours, it wasn’t long before I was hooked on the power of the internet. Soon afterwards I was supporting myself at university by selling exotic invertebrates like tarantulas and mantids to buyers around the world.

…And Now?

And we are now, over a decade later. Throughout that time I’ve built hundreds of websites from scratch, received over a million visitors from the search engines alone and sold websites for five figure sums.

I wouldn’t go blowing my own trumpet (I’m British – it’s not what we do) but it’s fair to say that during that time I’ve picked up a fair about of knowledge about SEO, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, list building and more.

These days I work full-time as a content marketer at a digital marketing agency, helping to drive new traffic and sales to clients’ sites – many of which you’d have heard of (if I was name dropping!).

I also maintain a number of blogs and websites myself and spend much of my free time growing my online ventures.

Why Tech Toucan?

The purpose of this site is simple; you should think of it like the journal of a mad marketing scientist. Spending 50+ hours a week online, working on numerous clients, I’m forever coming across useful resources or carrying out experiments to see what really works.

To act as a handy single resource to use myself I decided to put my discoveries onto a blog (when I have the time). That way, I can always check back on my previous work. Surprisingly I still regularly use my own content as a reminder of which techniques or services worked particularly well before!

So in many ways Tech Toucan is rather different to many of the other blogging/content marketing/internet marketing blogs out there because my goal isn’t really to sell anything to you or wow you with my brilliance. Its just to report to you – totally honestly – what seems to be working in the real world right now. And we’re talking “warts and all” – sometimes thing don’t go quite as planned.

But if you want to get real, actionable tips to grow your online business, generate more traffic, appear more prominently in the search engines and generally grow your website’s profitability then you’re in the right place.

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for help building your business then I’d love to connect with you. I’m perhaps not as active on the old social networks as some people (old school SEO-er here!) but if you have any questions you’d like to ask, why not follow me on Twitter?

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Hi I'm Richard and I've been building content-based sites since the year 2000.

In that time I've created and sold online businesses for five figure sums, attracted over a million visitors using SEO alone, won blogger awards and had my posts published in print.

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