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The Ultimate List of Infographic Directories

Possibly the easiest way to get started promoting an infographic is submitting it to all the various infographic directories. Assuming your infographic is a good one, you should find a number of these sites will publish your image. This means not only a decent number of near-instant links, but also a chance for other website[…]

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7 Alternatives To PBNs: What Comes Next For Link Building?

For the last few years private blog networks (PBNs) have been the link-building strategy of choice for many niche site builders and affiliate marketers. However, since the Google crackdown on private blog networks, many internet marketers are now looking for PBN alternatives. Fed up with constantly battling Google, this latest wave of penalties does seem[…]

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Directory Submissions: Do They Still Work? [Case Study]

Over the last few months I’ve been very interested to note that some well-known search engine marketers have been extolling the virtues of directory submissions to build links. Frankly, I thought directory submissions died out years ago as a link building method – it’s just easy, too automated, too spammy. But what if I’m wrong?[…]

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Best Blogging Tips: October 2014 Edition

I had sort of hoped that my online ventures would calm down a little once the summer was over. However as a someone who has that “entrepreneurial spirit” running through my veins, there’s always another project on the horizon. Now, though, I’m finally starting to reach some balance. I have articles queued up till Christmas[…]

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Best Blogging Tips: September 2014 Edition

For those of you that don’t know, at the beginning of August I officially became a professional content marketer. What that means is that I now get to spend all day, every say, playing about with clients sites in order to grow their traffic. Not only is it great fun to do but there’s a[…]

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12 Free Link Building Tools You Need To Bookmark Today

We all know that to rank highly in the search engines we need links pointing to our site. But if you’ve ever spent any time manually building links you’ll know that the process can be both boring and repetitive. What we need are tools to make the job quicker, easier and more effective. Sadly, many[…]

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8 Mind-Blowing Ways To Increase Your Adsense Revenue

Think you know it all when it comes to optimizing your website for Adsense? Then think again! Over the last few months I’ve put a lot of into increasing my Adsense revenue  and have more than doubled my results – for very little work. Today I want to reveal the most surprising finds I’ve made[…]

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Amazon Affiliate Niche Site Update #3: The Google Sandbox Bites

Another month has now passed since the last update in our niche site case study so I think it’s about time to examine exactly where we stand right now, how our carefully-constructed Amazon affiliate site is developing and my plans for the next few weeks. The Google Sandbox And Problems With Rankings Over the last[…]

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